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Man in business clothes walking upstairs from a subway station
Wall art of a woman’s face in a cafe
Fashionable black woman crossing the cross walk in a busy metro city

Go Your Own Way

Individual breathwork journeys unique to you.

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A peaceful Hawaiian woman smiles in front of a cherry blossom tree

Breathwork takes me on a deeper journey within

Compared to my experience with meditation, I find breathwork takes me on a deeper journey within. It helps me to uncover the subconscious source of my emotional obstacles and release them. This healing leaves me with an immense feeling of gratitude, self-love, and confidence.”

Leslie Cooke

Mental Health Advocate

Seattle, Washington, USA

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You're not a


Private breathwork journeys from The Golden Thread are the ultimate in self-care, personalized guidance for your unique goals.

75 Minute

$88 USD  |  $111 CAD

peach colored peony

Following the crowd

Doesn't always get you where you're going

It’s frustrating when you can’t go where you want, when you want, especially when you have specific goals in mind. Don’t feel let out, because you’re not going that way.

Collage of a busy crowd, a wooden mannequin a leaf and graffiti art of a dragon

Adventure in solitude

Process in solitude.

Freedom to choose

Tailor made journeys for your created life goals.

Focused Support

Partnership while you explore your edges.

Image of a woman walking down a dark neon lit alley. An image of an orange butterfly lays over the picture
A collage of a young Asian ballerina stands en pointe outside wearing a blue dress. An orange dried flower and the words “all the feels”
A collage of a building with windows extending geometrically from a building, a dried yellow flower and a photo of tulip fields.

Individual breathwork journeys

for the ultimate in self-care

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