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Stress Symptoms


Stress shows up uniquely for each person, and each experience. It affects your physical, emotional, mental states, and impacts your behaviors.


Although a little stress in your life is normal and part of growth and development, today’s stress is beyond what we’re equipped to deal with.


The constant hustle leaves you burned out, disconnected from your sense of self and the world around you. Reaching for the latest and greatest coping strategy to numb out the noise.

Collage of mental health struggles: Sad African American man on building ledge, tattooed man covering face in anguish, Asian man with "disconnected" projected on him, teal crying man, young Asian woman numbly staring at laptop.
orange poppy

Level up your self care game

Exercise your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fitness



Remember who you are by reacquainting with your intuition and purpose. 



Cut through the noise of the outside world and focus on what really matters to you.

inspire your creativity

Let the inner critic take a break and see what your imagination has to say

A handsome, radiant Asian man is smiling at the camera. His hair is short and his smile has teeth. He is wearing a white V-neck t-shirt against a grey background
Joyful Asian woman laughing with squinted eyes, bobbed hair in motion, wearing tan V-neck dress with brown print, standing in front of palm trees
Young blonde woman in peach t-shirt and peach-colored hair sitting in front of ivy shrub. Wearing turquoise glasses and red wine lipstick, peacefully smiling
Black man with buzz cut and 5 o'clock shadow wearing hunter green long-sleeved shirt, denim overalls, black round glasses, holding bowler hat. Leaning on wall with colorful graffiti, smiling with squinted eyes.

Create Connection

Experience being alive

Reduce Stress




It’s amazing how little we use our full breath and what it feels like when you do.  It’s also enriching to give into the vulnerability that this practice allows.  It’s the safest space I’ve experienced and should be, at a minimum, a monthly practice.

Kelly Pennington

Director of Education Strategy & Planning

@ Wella Company

Dallas, Texas USA

Caucasian woman with beachy blonde shoulder-length hair, blue button-down blouse, crystal necklace, leaning against teal green wall, smiling brightly with blue eyes and full nude lips.

"the most powerful wonderful session"

For my first time I didn't know what to expect. It felt better than a massage… It was amazing!

Marissa is a great Breath Coach and I look forward to working with her again.

Gwen Narcisse

Financial Professional

Atlanta, Georgia USA

It was one of the most powerful, wonderful sessions I have ever done! I downloaded 2 poems and a concept for a future one within the hour of completing the session…


Phew, I can’t wait to discover what else opens up!

Deb Johnston

Chief Marketing Officer, TonicDM

Huntington Beach, California USA

"should be at a minimum, a monthly practice"

"it felt better than a massage"

Caucasian woman with copper red bob, black glasses, sweet smile with white teeth showing. Resting right hand under chin, wearing black high neck top with puffed sleeves, head tilted to left.
African American woman with bobbed curly hair, red round-collared top, silvery grape earrings, bright red glossy lipstick, peaceful dreamy eyes, smiling pleasantly at camera

breathwork journeys

Choose your Adventure

Private Breathwork Journey

75 Minutes

$88 USD / $111 CAD

GROUP Breathwork Journey

75 Minutes

NO one should have to experience a life not fully lived

How it works


As an American immigrant of Polish, Irish and German descent, I’d like to recognize that many generations of settlers have benefited from living on Turtle Island (The indigenous name for North America)

Systemic inequities are present to this day as a result of colonization and past wrongdoings.

I’m committed to respecting and working towards reconciling this history of injustice.

I invite you to research and reflect on the land you live and work on so that we may teach our children the truth we never knew.

A symbol of reconciliation and solidarity: Two orange hand shapes create a heart to hold a small red hand painted heart in the center. It represents "Every Child Matters" in honor of the Indigenous children who suffered at Canadian residential schools.

The Golden Thread acknowledgES

That its work takes place on the unceded, traditional land of the Blackfoot Confederacy, including the Siksika, Piikani and Kainai Nations the Stoney-Nakoda, including the Chiniki, Bearspaw and Wesley Nations and the Tsuut’ina Nation. This is also home to the Métis Nation of Alberta, Region 3.

Newspaper clipping collage of young black woman with flower band-aids under eyes, scar on eyebrow, dreadlocks, staring vacantly at camera, with words "Take Care Of Yourself" written on band-aids




Go inward

& Experience


with your very own breath


PIck your journey

Single or group journeys that you can schedule to suit your individualized needs.

Lay down and breathe

Cozy and convenient locations that work for you, with the power of your very own breath.

experience clarity, connection, and peace

Get aligned with what it means to be YOU again.

Two painted apartment/townhome doors. Right door is bright blue with a tree on it. Left door is dusty grape with pink, yellow, and blue splashes, with a green tree.
A young man in a grey hoodie and white aviator sunglasses lies on his back in the grass, looking up at the sky with his hands behind his head
A collage of 3 polaroid photos: An African American black father holds his son, kissing his cheek. A brown-haired woman relaxes in a blue hammock. A young woman with long dark hair wears a sweater with indigenous print, smiling .
A collage of images: street art, A black man sitting in a red room with a neon sign reading "Feelings" above him. A couple embracing outdoors, the man has tattoos and wears a red sports jersey, the woman wears a blue poncho. Discarded mannequin parts on the floor



We have to look beyond our physical health and consider mental, emotional and spiritual fitness. With guided breathwork journeys from the Golden Thread, you can exercise all aspects of your being, cycling stress up and out, leaving you with clarity and a renewed sense of peace so you can be the person you want to be.

Connection is what we're here for

We will return your message soon!

An artistic sign made of yellow, white, and teal Lego pieces on a grey brick background reads "I feel like makin dreams come true
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